The transition from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro (CS6)

The transition from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro (CS6)

I spent a great deal of time over the past 3 years concerned if Apple had intentional or willfully abandon their professional user base.  The long and short is, doesn’t matter why, it appears they are not going to return.  So after much consternation and resistance I maid the jump from Final Cut to Adobe Premier.  It ended my 14 years of editing on Final Cut, beginning with 1 and ending with X.

What I learned was, there is no reason to not consider Premeire if you are not happy with Final Cut.  The transition was seamless.  I simply set the KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to “Final Code Mode” and within the first hour, I had forgotten I was learning a new program.  In fact, within 1/2 day, I was already editing faster than FCP.  And by the end of the second day, I was truly grateful for the switch.


Honestly, I would say that Premiere Pro CS6 is Final Cut Pro 8.  It is more feature reach than FCP 7, and considerably faster – as it is fully 64 bit.  In fact, I found it to be significantly faster than Final Cut Pro X as well.  The 64bit allows it to take full advantage of my MacPro’s 64Gig of Ram.  But unquestionably the greatest time saving is … no rendering.  I know, I know…Final Cut Pro X…but this doesn’t render in the background, it simply doesn’t need it from what I can tell.  In the first week, I rendered only 3 times.

We’ll see how week 2 and beyond go…but for now, very happy.  In fact, I’m thinking of scraping Aperture for Lightroom as well.

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