Studio Front

This view is looking forward from the main studio into the control room. Both the main room and Iso 1 are wired with LCD Displays. Each display is wired to an HDMI Matrix allowing for any signal to be passed to the studio spaces. This flexibility allows for the displays to be used for:
  • Telepromter & Script Displays
  • Sheet Music Notation
  • Lyrics
  • Video for Audio Dialog Replacement
  • Video for Foley
  • Video for Live Capture
  • Video for Music Video Sync/Sweetening
  • Camera feed for increased communication
  • Scene or mood setting (i.e. Fireplace, etc.)
The cabinet to the right primarily serves as one of the two bass traps for the main studio. The lower half serves as a mic cabinet as well – holding the most commonly used mics, adapters, and accessories for sessions. The HVAC has a DC Servo controlled fan allowing each zone of heating and cooling to be served independent of one another at high velocity. Specially lined duct work provides insulation and dampening to reduce air handling noise. The combination of these two provide the ability to quickly recover from large offsets with an almost silent ability to maintain temperature. The Main Studio also has 24/7 video surveillance providing equipment from multi-day sessions complete security.

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