Sony XBR 42″ Display

The original design of the control room provided for two 24″ Cinema Displays. This dramatically impaired the vision between control room and studio. The solution we settled on was to recess the lower 27″ cinema display and use a large LCD display above the control room window. I love the solution for two reasons. First, the entire glass window is unobstructed, providing for a more intimate relationship between the control room and studio. But also, an unanticipated benefit was the ease of viewing by having monitors stacked. 2 24″ monitors side by side, are almost 3 1/2 feet of horizontal landscape. And while your eyes are better peripherally left to right, they are not for focus. The left and right edges of side-by-side monitor are more than 3 feet from your eyes. While the center is only 18″. For whatever reason, I found it easier for my eyes to quickly chase up and down. With that said, getting used to the mouse in stack mode, is a whole other issue.

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