Project and Events Disappear after Upgrade to FCP 10.1

Project and Events Disappear after Upgrade to FCP 10.1

Finally performed the upgrade to Maverick (OS X 10.9). For the most part … not too bad. But with that provides the ability to update Final Cut Pro X (10.0.9) to (10.1.1). Subtle increment, but supposedly significant change to media handling – an area where FCP X fails miserably. I’ll put down my thoughts on the move to Libraries after I’ve had more time. But this is about the upgrade process.


After the upgrade, all of my projects and media events disappeared. This is by design from the shift to Libraries. The first boot is supposed to take care of all this. Except my projects/events were on external drives. And these drives were not connected during my first boot.


To get them back, simply put the drive in where these projects were, and select FILE > UPDATE PROJECTS AND EVENTS and select the drives. It will create a library with the drive’s name. And all should reappear.

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