Studio & Iso 1

The goal for any studio space is to capture incredible performances in exacting quality! The space must be warm and inviting for talent, while providing the isolation and acoustics required for modern high-definition recording standards. To accomplish this, we used three design principles:
  1. Acoustically balanced spaces.
  2. Achieve isolation in excess of 80db.
  3. Provide aesthetics needed for emoting (Or, hide all the concrete required for the above two principles).
The main studio is large enough for most productions (1050 square feet). An 8-10 piece string section -or- a 25 person choir fit comfortably. It also houses our Yamaha Conservatory Series Acoustic Grand Piano. The room is live enough to provide the performer good energy without causing reflections that would compromise mix-down.

All four walls, the floor, and the ceiling are 6-8 inches of concrete, providing extraordinary isolation. Until you've heard (or HAVEN'T heard) this level of isolation, it's hard to imagine. In fact, to make the room feel more natural, we actually made the room more live by removing some of the dampening.

Off the main room, are two ISO booths. Iso 1 is large enough to hold a complete drum kit and is acoustically dampened for voice over work. While Iso 2 fits a vocalist or guitar amp, perfectly.

The main room is also equipped with lighting, power and backdrops for small video shoots up to 30 feet of focal length.

View the Studio Gallery below.
Or you can take a virtual tour of the entire facility here.