First Look – Final Cut Pro X

First Look – Final Cut Pro X

About 2 weeks ago, I began post on a small project.  Since it was small and did not have a deadline, I felt it was a perfect candidate to dive into the new Final Cut Pro X.  I know, its not exactly new anymore.  But the older I get, the less interested I am in helping software companies bug test their new releases. I think…I may not have given Apple enough time here.  I mean its been almost a year, surely they addressed any shortcomings of their latest professional editor.
I realize it’s a new ‘philosophy’ for editing.  I realize iPhones/iPads are very popular.  I realize, Steve is gone.  But this is too much for professionals.  A new philosophy would mean learning a new way to get the job done.  Learning new commands or functions.  But leaving out entire sections of critical workflow and process is abandoning your core demographic.  IMHO, regardless of Apple’s position that this IS a professional product and intended for professional, it is not – yet! iMovie always looked intriguing to me.  But I always seem to hit the ceiling with it.  Same here. Note to pros:  It’s got potential, but don’t leap yet. Note to Apple:  Pro’s don’t want $300 software.  They want software that can perform at $300 an hour.

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