Avaya VM PRO and One-X Migration to Windows

Avaya VM PRO and One-X Migration to Windows

It make take some time to get this up and running…but it will be worth it.  Also, this procedure cures an issue where One-X users cannot retrieve voicemails.

Before you begin installing the One-X Portal, you must have “Web Voicemail” installed and running on your VoiceMail Pro Server.  This is a special feature that is NOT install by default.

If you do not have it installed and/or cannot see the “Web Voicemail” option, follow this procedure.  You will want to backup your VM Pro install before attempting the following.

VMPRO on Server 2008 R2:
  1. Install Web Server Microsoft IIS role (if it is not).
  2. Install the IIS6 Management Compatibility Role.
  3. Also, install the ASP.NET Role or the Avaya Install will not complete properly (this was left out of some Avaya lit).
  4. Install the SMTP Feature.  This is needed to connect to the IIS 7 through IIS6 Management Compatibility.
Once this is all installed:MetabaseCompCapture
  1. Open the IIS 6.0 Manager
  2. Connect to the VM Pro server via SMTP. 
  3. Right Click the server and select “PROPERTIES”

Now, reinstall Voicemail PRO performing a “CUSTOM” installation.  You should have the “Web Voicemail” option to select now.  Once the Voicemail Pro installation is complete and running you are ready to reinstall the One-X.

  1. Install/reinstall the One-X Portal.
  2. Log in using “http://<yourOneXserver>:8080/onexportal-admin.html#AdminConfigurationIMPresence”
  3. Set the IM Presence Server to your FQDN for the portal server.  Configuration > IM/Prsence.  XMPP Domain Name is a unique fully qualified Domain Name.

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